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Award Winning rock band, 30 seconds to Mars, is breaking barriers once again with their latest single’s, “Hurricane,” music video, which is more like a short film than the average cookie-cutter excuse for a MTV vid. ‘Mars,’ who often like to refer to themselves as a more of a cult, rather than the typical rockband, has once again topped their previous works. The video for “Hurricane” off their latest album, “This is War,” is an amazing 13 minutes, 11 seconds full of hardcore sex, drama, art, violence, fantasy, horror, inspiration, and musical genius. It features the ever sexy and charismatic lead singer, Jared Leto – who is also known for his quality work as a big screen actor – and his 12 pack of abs, as well as the other two essential members of the band, Tomo Milicevic and Shannon Leto, in a fight for their lives against several unknown evils.

Fans of the group and music in general should all be brimming with anticipation to see the video, however, the only format currently available is a censored version on the internet. The piece has been banned from television networks everywhere, not even allowed in its original format to air after the 10pm timeline, because of it’s intense sexual and violent themes and images. Check out the actual response from TV network’s on 30 seconds to Mar’s official site Here:

Letter From Head Of Anonymous TV Network To 30 Seconds To Mars

Having just previewed the censored video myself, the censors have not taken away from seeing the quality piece of music and film this group of artists has managed to create. See for yourself and become apart of the movement. What do you think?

Pop Star Christina Aguilera officially filed for divorce from her husband, Jordan Bratman – yet another ‘regular’ man who just couldn’t hold onto his much hotter and more famous celebrity wife – of nearly five years this past Thursday, October 14th, 2010 citing the ever infamous irreconcilable differences as the reason for the petition for the dissolution of the marriage.  The couple met in 2002 and married in November of 2005; seeming at the time, very much in love and lust.  The couple had one son together, Max Liron.

Christina has made limited comments following the filing of her divorce papers, however she did release one statement saying “Although Jordan and I are separated, our commitment to our son Max remains as strong as ever.”

However vague the reason of ‘reconcilable differences’ may be, it is coming to light that perhaps Christina’s uncontrollable sexual desires when it comes to women may have played a major role.  Apparently, the couple shared an open marriage, in which only Christina was allowed to play with others.  Several real life accounts coming from girls whom Christina had her eye on are now all coming to the surface.  One girl who wishes to stay anonymous told radaronline.com:

“I was at The Abbey one night when Christina’s bodyguard approached me.  He said, ‘My boss would really like you’ and pointed over to Christina.  The bodyguard told me it was an understanding within their marriage and that she brings girls home and Jordan’s okay with it.  I met Christina in the bathroom and she told me she liked to play with girls.  I ended up not pursuing anything with it because the situation just seemed so weird to me, but Christina was definitely looking to hook up.  It’s funny because I had a couple girlfriends tell me that they were approached by Christina too.  My understanding was that Jordan wasn’t involved when she brought girls home, so maybe the divorce is because Jordan’s jealousy got the best of him.

Christina has already been seen partying in Hawaii and Miami Beach, as well as on a few innocent outings with her son, since filing for divorce.  Will Christina leave behind men forever in her new single life?  Is she bisexual, bicurious, or really just a lesbian!?  I think Lindsay Lohan maybe needs a new friend…


Rick Ross ‘The Boss’ and Cash Money CEO, Birdman, are teaming up on Ross’ video for his next single ‘I’m Not A Star.’  The song has gotten great responses on Urban radio as well as in the streets.  Ross described the success of the song stemming from

“taking it back to the streets. I think it was a feeling that you know was missing and when that record come on, just the response from everybody that know it, you know it’s one of their favorites; so we just wanted to bring it to life.”

~Rick Ross~

Check out a behind the scenes look at the fresh video featuring Rozay getting tatted, smoking his ever present dutch stuffed with herbal, as well as Birdman, well, just being Birdman.  These two MC’s are bleeding style and confidence, the way that two of the biggest players in the rap game should.  Let’s face it, you can’t compete with CMB, Cash Money Billionaires. Watch it here:

*Listen to the full audio interview quoted above here for Ross’ take on choosing ‘I’m Not A Star’ as his next music video production and another fan favorite track, ‘Ashton Martin Music.’

Why rapper’s who have so much to hide keep messing with Kat Stacks, the world will never know.  But celebrity gossip enthusiasts everywhere definitely are not complaining and the demand for the personal, live, and raw videos created by the infamous stripper/prostitute/video vixen/twitter celeb Kat Stacks is still on the rise.

Check out this recent video documenting Kat and Soulja Boy’s hotel booty calls, which include not only elaborate room service, but huge lines of cocaine laid out beside the dinner plates, discussions of Soulja’s inability to stay hard downstairs, and private phone calls and Twitter DM’s from the rapper begging Kat Stacks to show up for a play date.

Following Kat Stacks’ internet stardom is like seeing a luxury Italian sports car get in a horrible accident – sexy as hell and exhilarating to watch, but you still feel a little guilty for looking.  Stay tuned for Kat Stacks’ first legitimate publication coming soon – her first book is scheduled to drop this December, 2010.  Potential reality TV deals are also in the works.

For everyday Kat Stacks drama, stay logged into your twitter account and follow @ihatekatstacks (o, how witty of a name) or visit worldstarhiphop.com, keyword: Kat Stacks.

Rapper/Actor T.I., government name, Clifford Harris Jr, and his wife Tiny, a.k.a. Tameka Cottle, were both arrested late Wednesday night while driving on Sunset Boulevard together in West Hollywood.  After a routine traffic stop, officers proceeded to arrest the couple on suspicion of possession of an illegal substance after they smelled what appeared to be marijuana coming from the vehicle.  In a recent press conference Los Angeles sheriff deputy, Mark Pope, announced

“Deputies smelled a strong odor of marijuana emitting from the vehicle… A narcotics investigation ensued,”

however he failed to mention specifically which drug the couple was being charged with.  Bail was set at $10,000 for each Tiny and T.I..  The couple was reportedly released at 4AM this morning on bail.

T.I. is currently enjoying his freedom after a recent six month lockup in Arkansas Federal Prison followed by three months in a Georgia halfway house ending with his release in March, 2010 for Federal Weapons Charges.  Meanwhile, his newly released movie, ‘Takers,’ also starring Paul Walker and Chris Brown, is busy making millions at the box office since it’s release just last week.  T.I.’s highly anticipated new album, “King Uncaged” is also set to drop soon later this month.

*Stay tuned for more breaking updates concerning the infamous rapper and his boo only on Dirtybuzz.com.*

When Justin Beiber, Kanye West, and Raekwon originally announced this unlikely collaboration via the Twitter universe, a lot of people expectations, especially within the Hip-Hop community, were more than skeptical.  However, upon a first listen, the track is sweet, catchy, unique, and well put together.  Instead of sounding like three separate tracks, the artists adapt to eachother’s styles and tastes and have created a remix that actually enhances the original track, instead of being a total waste of time like most remixes these days with one extra verse by today’s rapper of the day.  Take a listen to Justin Beiber’s “Runaway Love” Remix featuring the King of Controversy, Kayne, & veteran MC Raekwon here on dirtybuzz.com.

RIP Aaliyah

January 16th, 1979 ~ August 25th, 2001

Aaliyah was a beautiful woman and successful artist who will be remembered by her fans forever.  In 2001, her precious life was taken along with eight other passengers in an unexpected airplane crash in the Bahamas.  She was returning home after filming one of her most magical music videos, ‘Rock The Boat.’  After an extensive investigation, the pilot of the downed airplane was found to be unlicensed at the time of the flight and under the influence of both cocaine and alcohol .  Despite her tragic earthly end, Aaliyah continues to connect with fans through the power of her music.  To date, Aaliyah has sold nearly 32 million albums worldwide.  The ‘Princess of R&B’ will forever live on in her music, movies, and in spirit.  Now enjoy these Aaliyah favorites:

‘Rock The Boat’

‘We Need A Resolution’ Feat. Timbaland

‘More Than A Woman’

Drake really does love his Bubbe.  This photo is a screencap from the Drake documentary entitled “Better Than Good Enough.”  The movie was filmed by MTV and follows Drizzy in his journey leading up to the release of his latest album “Thank me Later.”  It captures everything from recording, performing, special moments from the tour bus, and personal struggles dealing with family and friends.  The film goes in depth into the rapper’s life and includes very special family moments that are quite touching such as this one with his Bubbe.  Let’s just say its MORE than adorable. What a ‘Degrassi’ Moment!


I made it! I finally signed my contract. Now I have millions of dollars. Is there anything you want? I’ll give you anything you want.
Drake’s Grandma:

You have a million dollars?!

No grandma, I have millions of dollars! I can get you anything! What do you want?
Drake’s Grandma:

I just want a hug and a kiss.

Young Money’s Princess of Rap, Nicki Minaj, and Mr. Sex Song himself, Trey Songz, have teamed up recently for the smash radio hit, “Bottoms Up.”  The track is Trey’s new single and is blowing up on hip-hop/rap airwaves across the country.  Nicki finally delivers some solid lyrics, instead of the softcore pop lines she’s been laying recently on tracks like her latest release “Ice Cream Man,” and is the perfect finishing touch to a solid club track.  Check out the premiere of the official music video for “Bottoms Up” here and let us know what you think – Certified Hit or Total Flop?!?!:

Kim and Justin sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G…haha, just kidding.  But you can check out the latest ‘Graduate’ themed photo shoot from fashion magazine ELLE featuring the two charismatic super stars.  Kim Kardashian and almost-but-not-quite-yet  legal Justin Beiber hit the shores of the Bahamas to strut their stuff in classically stylish clothing choices.  From running from the ocean dripping wet to lounging on their beach house balcony, Kim K and The Beibs played up their acting skills to capture some truly light-hearted, fun-spirited, and romantic photos.  Check out the amazing results captured in the final photos featured here and on Elle.com.